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In 1999, the official organization of the Croydon Historical Society was established after years of collecting and documenting by dedicated individuals in our town. Through these efforts, we now have a membership of individuals continuing the interest to preserve and record the history of the Town of Croydon. We meet February - June, September - December, check meeting tab for exact times. Our Samuel Morse House Museum, in the town center, is open Sundays (or by appointment) during July and August from 1-4pm. During these times there are house tours, exhibits, and demonstrations. We recognize our town veterans in November with a free dinner and our oldest living resident holds the "Croydon Cane".

On August 9th, the Society recognized Beatrice Augusta Hiltz Smith as
Croydon’s Oldest Resident.

On a beautiful Saturday here in Croydon, we joined with neighbors and
friends to watch the Tractor Parade event complete with Bea riding in
style with son-in-law, Ed.  Joined by her family, we made a public
presentation of the Croydon Cane to Bea which she had graciously accepted
in May.

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Bea was born May 30, 1919, in New Brunswick Canada.  The daughter of James & Blanch Hiltz.  Bea is the youngest of four children.  Her siblings were Gordon, Ruby and Hilda, they are all now deceased.  Her father was a cooper  (barrel maker) in Canada.  When Bea was 4 years old the whole family moved to the United States in 1922-23, and lived in Connecticut. Her Dad worked for Bridgeport Brass Company.  Bea was educated in Connecticut but had to leave school in the 9th grade to take care of her Mother.  Her Mom passed away when Bea was 19 and at that time she became a U.S. Citizen and went to work for the State Hospital in Newtown, Connecticut.  She met Robert E. Smith in 1951 and married shortly after and had two daughters.  Roberta, born in 1953 and Charleen, born in 1954. While living in Connecticut, Bea was a stay at home Mother.

The Smith family moved to Croydon in 1961, living on Cash Street in the home next to the East Village Cemetery.  While living on Cash Street, Bea worked for Green Acres Ice Cream, Croydon, as a production line worker. In 1964 the family moved to the farm on Loverin Hill.  In 1968 they purchased the farm from Bea’s father James and Ox Yoke Farm was created. The Smith’s raised beef and veal.  Both Bea and Bob worked outside of the farm.  Green Acres Ice Cream closed and Bea went to work for Woodlawn Nursing Home as a housekeeper and was promoted to Supervisor of housekeeping.  She worked for Woodlawn for 17 years, retiring in 1991 at the age of 72.

Bea still lives on the farm with her daughter Roberta.  Bea is an active member of the Croydon Congregational Church of Croydon.  Her hobbies are reading and cross stitch.  Bea has one Grandson, Nick Avery, Roberta’s son, and one Great Granddaughter, Hayley Avery, Nick’s daughter.  Both Charleen Smith Little and her husband Edward and Nick Avery and his wife Staci live on land that was once part of the original farm. Bea’s husband Robert E. Smith passed away in April 2014.

One story that Bea likes to tell is how she got her new name of Beatrice H. Smith.  It seems when she first moved to Croydon in 1961 and tried to register to vote one of the Supervisors of the checklist said the town already had a Beatrice A. Smith in town, who on Ash Swamp Brook Rd.  So Bea took the first letter of her maiden name as her middle initial. Bea is 95 years young.


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